I make an effort to get to know my clients. I believe that when I know them and truly understand their life, relationship and what is important to them, I can do a better job of capturing their engagment, wedding day, maternity, to your little growing family. This is also a two way street! When you know me and trust me, suddenly that allows you to become comfortable. Being comfortable in front of the camera really allows your natural self to shine through and suddenly you can have some fun! Let’s face it, getting your photo taken can sometimes feel awkward - shouldn’t the goal always be to feel as natural as you can?!

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the experience

My brides will have several meetings with me so they can tell me the important aspects of the day and what they hope to get out of the experience. New moms will work side by side with me to make photo shoots catered to there newborn. Couples will get a chance to tell their love story in a way that's important to them. I also work closely with families when planning family photos by providing an outfit guide and going over color schemes that best fit your family to represent my brand. If your looking for a stand there and pose stiff type of photographer I'm not your girl. BUT if you are looking for an experience.. a chance to document your legacy we just might be a good fit. We do offer payment plans.

I strive to make sure your final product is exactly what you envisioned.

When you love what you do you tend to do things a little differently. And I REALLY love what I do. When my clients book me they know they are getting a photographer willing to go above and beyond.

why you'll love working with us

In order to make sure that you get all of the best images from your wedding day, planning a schedule beforehand and making a “game plan” can ensure that the wedding day will go as smoothly as possible. From details to reception, family portraits to the first look with your new spouse, we will discuss the most important things that you want photographed on your wedding day and make sure that we have a way of capturing all of your cherished memories. Careful planning before the wedding day truly relieves stress! When you trust your photographer and the schedule that is planned, you can go into your wedding day feeling confident.

Just knowing that your photographer is there with all the answers will allow you to stay in the moment and not worry about where or when you need to be at the next spot. Trust me, I will let you know when we have to be somewhere else.

Whether you have a wedding planner or not, I want to be an intricate part of your wedding planning process.

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My hope is that I can always be there for you - whether it's about your wedding photography, planning your family pictures, your schedule, sharing your excitement about your wedding shower or if you just want to vent about anything, I am there from you.

As a small business owner, I truly value nothing MORE than my clients!

I value you, your thoughts & our relationship together.